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A physical exam is a valuable tool used to assess your overall health. Family medicine physician, Sally Khalifa, DO, at Heights Family Medicine in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, conducts physical exams for many different needs, including sports, school, and preventive care. To schedule your physical exam, call the office or request an appointment using the online booking button.

Physical Exam Q & A

What are physical exams?

Physical exams are routine exams Dr. Khalifa uses to evaluate your health, screen for health issues, update vaccines, and talk to you about lifestyle changes to improve your health and well-being. 

The goal of the physical exam isn’t only to assess your health, but also to help you maintain or improve health. 

What are the types of physical exams?

Dr. Khalifa is an experienced family medicine physician who offers many types of physical exams. Some of the most common include:

Annual exam

The annual physical is a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health and wellness. During this exam, Dr. Khalifa reviews your medical history and current health concerns. 

Then she conducts a physical evaluation that assesses all the organ systems in your body to get a general picture of your overall health. 

To further evaluate your health and risk of disease, Dr. Khalifa may also recommend blood work and health checks, such as cancer screenings, during your annual exam. 

Heights Family Medicine has an in-house lab, and she may be able to conduct many of the tests and screenings at the office.

In addition to assessing your health, Dr. Khalifa also offers preventive care during your annual physical to protect you from illness and chronic disease, which may include vaccinations, smoking cessation, and lifestyle modifications. 

Sports physical

If you participate in an organized sport, you may be required to get a sports physical before your first practice. 

Your sports physical exam may be similar to the annual exam, however, Dr. Khalifa may conduct additional testing to assess your fitness and endurance to make sure it’s safe for you to participate in your sport. 

In addition to the exam, she also completes any paperwork you may need. 

School physical

Dr. Khalifa also provides school physical exams. During the exam, she may review your medical history and health concerns and conduct a physical exam. 

She can also update your vaccinations and conduct tuberculosis (TB) testing if needed and provide the appropriate documentation.

Dr. Khalifa also offers women’s wellness exams, including Pap smears and breast exams.

What if I need a special test during my physical exam?

As previously noted, Heights Family Medicine has an in-house laboratory and can perform many of the tests needed for your physical exam at the office. 

The full-service practice also offers hearing tests, in-house spirometry to assess lung health, and electrocardiograms (EKGs) to check your heart.

To schedule your physical exam, call Heights Family Medicine or book online today.